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Help & FAQs

We have compiled a list of answers and solutions to frequently asked questions; choose from the options below.

Located at the ICE headquarters at One Great George Street, the ICE Library collection is designated as being of outstanding national importance by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council. With over 130,000 titles, the ICE Library is one of the largest resources in civil engineering in the world.

Each collection is split up into a number of categories and these are clearly displayed on the home page. Click on a category to browse through the images it contains. Using the list of categories on the left of the page you can jump from one category to another at any time.

On the home page you may see a featured collection. Clicking on this will allow you to browse those pictures that we consider to be of special interest.

On the top is a keyword search facility allowing you to quickly find images based on a particular word such as discipline and title.

Yes, but you don't have to! Suppose you want to search on the name François but don't know how to type in a 'ç'. Don't worry, just enter the word as if the special characters had been replaced by their ordinary equivalents. In this example you'd enter 'Francois' and our search engine would take care of the rest.

You can complete the request form on any of the image details page to request a high-resoultion version.

Existing high resolution images are usually supplied via our download facility and are subject to reproduction fees.

Yes. You must have cookies enabled in your browser settings to use ICE Image Library.

The ICE Image Library site uses cookies to maintain "state". Put simply cookies are used so that the web server knows that you, as opposed to someone else on another computer, clicked on a particular link to request a particular page. This means that the server can serve up pages that contain the correct information for you, rather than for the other user who clicked the same link.

Suppose you had searched for images using the keyword "London" and another user had searched on "Paris". After viewing the first page of thumbnails you click the "Next" navigation button to see the next page of thumbnails. Without cookies the server wouldn't know that it was you who had clicked the link and to serve up the next page of London thumbnails rather than Paris thumbnails.